Engage and empower student mental health advocates

StAMINA is committed to engaging as many students as possible in its mission to improve youth mental health. In collaboration with the Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children, we’ve hosted several Youth Summits across both urban and rural Kentucky.

Each StAMINA Youth Summit is designed to inspire other students to become mental health advocates. These events feature youth speakers who detail their own mental health journeys, workshops and activities to raise mental health literacy, and What-Would-You-Do training about the best ways to respond and resources to leverage for friends, peers, and family members struggling with mental health challenges.

Our latest Youth Summit in Louisville in March 2019 was an exciting success. Nearly 50 students participated in constructive mental health conversations, showed their solidarity with the message that mental health matters through a collaborative art piece, and created their own, take-home stress kit filled with self-care products including tea, chocolate, coloring supplies, stress toys, bath bombs, and more.

The Youth Summits have allowed us to recruit and train a coalition of over 150 students from across the state of Kentucky dedicated to improving youth mental health.