Conversation cards designed to spark positive, open mental health dialogue within families

Ocean: Build Your Mental Mussels, StAMINA’s marine-themed mental health conversation cards, is designed to encourage families to discuss mental health openly, increasing mental health awareness, decreasing stigma, and facilitating access to resources. The conversation cards are not just for families actively struggling with mental health. Instead, proactively using Ocean to broach tough topics can prevent and mitigate potential future challenges.

Currently, the first Ocean sets have been printed and are being piloted by local families, who will provide feedback after a month of testing. The set of over 130 cards is divided into three categories, Sunlight, Twilight, and Midnight, based on the level of depth of the conversation starter. The cards are also separated by different goals, including achieving mental health literacy, learning positive coping strategies, and increasing resource awareness.

After testing, the cards will be widely distributed through schools, doctor’s offices, and more. Sign up for StAMINA’s newsletter to be notified where and when you can get your own copy, and feel free to email us at if you’re interested in getting involved.