Podcast produced by students, for students, designed to educate about and destigmatize mental health

The Brain Waves podcast was conceptualized during the StAMINA Youth Mental Health Ideathon competition, where the idea won first place. The first season began in late May and is available on all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts.

By combining content like student stories, interviews, and “field trip” visits to mental health sites, Brain Waves is both entertaining and educational. Listening to the podcast is a great first step into mental health advocacy for students and window into youth perspectives on mental health for adults. Each episode of the first season tackles a different mental health topic, like stress, coping mechanisms, or suicide, and includes background information, healthy habits, and ways that anyone can get involved.

Find us on your preferred podcast platform by searching for “Brain Waves,” visit us on Apple Podcasts at tinyurl.com/brainwavespod, and feel free to shoot us an email at kentuckystamina@gmail.com if you’re interested in getting involved.